Your Soul Circle

Most Soul Circles are drawn with oil pastels on 12” x 18” black paper.
Occasionally I feel led to use a lighter gray, but the black usually feels more appropriate.

If you choose to have your physical drawing shipped to you, you can frame it as you choose or just tack it up on the wall. It may tell you how it wants to be displayed.

The digital image is yours to meditate with on your computer screen, make it wallpaper on your phone, or print out multiple copies to put in strategic places and remind you to come back to yourself. When I see my circle (the first image to the left on this page), I take a moment to feel my body where it is on the planet and remember that I am so much more than just a body. I feel the expanse of soul where new possibilities abound.

With proper care, your Soul Circle will be with you for decades to come. As a piece of art, your circle is a soul portrait with a combination of gifts and qualities unique to you. And if you choose to have another Soul Circle created for you in the future, it will surely be different because we are all constantly changing… especially after your circle propels you forward!

In a world where information is everywhere and constantly bombarding us, a Soul Circle communicates on an entirely different level — feeling, intuition, knowing, soul. The images I create for you tend to go straight in and touch the heart of the issue as well as the person responsible for making things happen — you. It seems that words are only useful up to a point because they are processed by the mind, and often get hijacked by past stories, injuries or current addictions. The colors and swirling marks of your Soul Circle cuts through resistance and shines a light on knowledge you didn’t know you had.

I am so grateful to have been allowed this gift to bring into the world a representation of a part of humanity that few get to see. I feel that one day, we’ll all see something like these colors moving through each spirit, as a form of communication. I never know what will come about on the paper until it is drawn. My hand is guided to choose colors and make shapes which will communicate the most useful information to that person at that particular time.

I have been making art my entire life, focusing mostly on capturing the essence of a place or a person in the form of landscape or figurative painting. That experience has led me deeper to what I feel is also representational, but on a collective and cosmic level.

I look forward to meeting you there!

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