Psychic Readings & Art for the Soul

Circular Soul is a New
where we accept
God wants to give us.

Whoa!  Step back a moment to just feel that statement.

The offerings shared here continue to birth themselves from a “Counter Practice” consisting of:

  • Following Faith and Courage
  • Courageous Quitting of systems and practices which no longer serve humanity.
  • Stepping out into Experimentation, then looking for and noticing LOVING EVIDENCE that a “Third Hand” is guiding us.
  • The RELEASE of previous systems of PREDATION, where we were once convinced that the road to prosperity meant “prey upon others – or be preyed upon.”

In many ways, the Earth and humanity are being given a collective life review.  Answers received from extra knowing “shouldn’t make sense” – intuition, prayer, quiet meditation, MEEKNESS, and serving – are becoming the “only things that makes sense” as our world continues in its breakdown.

Our courageous experimentation leads us to know that:

  • We are not in control.
  • Our personal and collective breakdowns are necessary.
  • In order to change the world, we must first change ourselves.

The goal of Circular Soul is to assist you in the activation of your own soul’s journey toward Love and Truth.

Once you receive your Soul Circle, Forecast Reading, or Soulmate Reading, your part is to dedicate yourself to meditating and continually convening with it – through FAITH and COURAGE.

You then begin to move through portals of experimentation, learning, and evidence collecting.

Through these portals:

  • Old ways of being can be shattered.
  • Following faith and intuition become second nature.
  • Business practices can easily align with Love and Truth.
  • New Universes are created.

Come along with me!  Let’s experiment!

-Rita Roberts