A Guide to Traversing the Spirit World
Volume 1Let’s Get Real

Channeled by Rita Doyle Roberts

I thought my life had meaning and purpose,
but I didn’t start fully living it until after I died.

Wouldn’t you prefer to not be a ghoul?

I thought my life had meaning and purpose, but I didn’t start fully living it until after I died.
I’m just gonna say it… from where I sit, you aren’t looking so good. And I didn’t either, while I was on earth. And I really had no intention of changing that. But now I’m here and everything looks different from this vantage point. I thought my life had meaning and purpose, but I didn’t start fully living it until after I died.
You don’t have to wait. You can, but you don’t have to.

Continual Change IS Immortality

I thought I had it all. I pretty much did whatever I wanted, had plenty of money, ate lots of fantastic food, met interesting people all over the world. Sounds great, right? I’ve come to find out it was nothing compared to what was actually available to me. If only I had been willing to change.

I was so set in my identity, it took a sudden departure from earth to get me to even take a look at my own ways of being and where it was leading. The Laws of the Universe take no prisoners. You’re either on board or you are most decidedly not and I, as much as this may be a shock to you, was stubbornly, arrogantly disinterested in anything other than my own travel plans.

So, here I am.

There’s no negotiating with Universal Laws but there is discovery, there is exploration. In fact, those two activities are endless, even from where you are right now. I want to make this type of travel available to everyone before they pass because there are no train schedules, no crowded airports, no unexpected dysentery. There may be cancelled flights, but you only have yourself to blame for the nasty hurricane of emotional debris you might decide to blow all over your current dwelling. That will keep you grounded from any spirit travel, and it won’t lead to positive change, no matter who you have shaking in their boots to try and placate your repeated rages.

That’s the beauty of the Spirit World. There’s no room for blowhards or badasses if you want to get anywhere. You want to let go a string of complaints at the gate? See ya. Whine about your accommodations? Prepare to stay an extra year. No obsequious, other-speaking servant is going to come and make everything pretty for you. If you want to come along, you gotta carry your own bags until you’re ready to let them go.

This isn’t the whole story. I only know what I’ve learned so far. If you want to know more, go find a different tour guide. I’m fine with that. But if you want to know at least this much, come along. Bring all your fear of flying with you, because leaving it at home will only keep you grounded, tethered, chained and bound like the submissive half of an S&M couple that you are to the dominatrix named Fear. Bring it all… your fears, facades, and rigid beliefs. Pack them up, lock your suitcase, do whatever you do… then prepare to have it all undone and exposed because that IS your passport.

Let’s get that puppy stamped!