Mindful Meditation And Serving Love

Mindful Meditation And Serving Love

Guest Blogger Paul Masidza, Marketing Director, Kenya

We hear the words mindfulness and meditation just about everywhere these days. But what does it really mean to be mindful, and how can you practice mindfulness/meditation to boost your personal and professional life?

Being more mindful has many perks. practical mindfulness is just as useful as one-on-one cognitive behavioral therapy for stress-related conditions such as anxiety. Mindfulness can relieve our perception of aches and pains, keep us more focused at work, and help us become more resilient. It’s also an ideal way to get a grip on emotions, which can affect our attention, memory and motivation.

You almost need a black belt in emotional management in today’s volatile, uncertain and ever-changing corporate landscape.

Mindfulness Meditation gives us a space between our emotions and our fight-flight-freeze reactions, however brief, and increases our ability to respond more skillfully. This can lead to a reduction in conflicts and an ability to utilize empathy to drive stronger relationships.

Being able to observe how your mind is spinning instead of quickly reacting in an upset way can certainly help us evolve. Mindfulness Meditation works wonders, but how exactly does one do it? Here are a few tips to help you tune into your inner Zen.

Soul Wisdom ‘SOUL CIRCLES’

Know what Serving is, and isn’t. There are many ways of serving correctly and the two core aspects are being an observer and being nonjudgmental about what you observe. Can you hear your breath or notice bodily sensations without trying to change them? This act of being an unbiased observer is what gives us the capacity to see things more clearly. Simply observing and acknowledging our feelings, thoughts or sensations without continuing to focus on them is important. Often we convince ourselves that we need to do something about what we’re thinking or feeling and we put our attention on them. This is where we get into trouble. We make up stories and ‘spin’ about them.

One of the most beautiful (and frustrating) things about getting quiet and waiting are the many paradoxes.

For example, you might not feel like you have the time to meditate, yet meditation makes you more productive. The more time we spend on the prolonged quiet and extended meditation being in the spirit realms, the more space we might create in our day to get things done. And what about the fact that Serving isn’t about a goal at all but it still helps you achieve more of your goals or change them altogether? It’s an invitation to let go of any goals and lean into our moment-to-moment experiences.Over time, our busy minds begin to settle, enabling us to be more present and see more clearly. So ultimately, we’re more likely to achieve more of our goals.

Experimentation Courage

It is important to “just start” when you want to begin serving correctly. You could begin by working with a simple one- to two-minute of service practice every day and go from there practicing mindful/meditation can be done anywhere, anytime. The beauty of serving correctly is we can practice it in multiple ways such as sitting, standing, lying down, walking or eating, to name a few. It’s also highly adaptable to workplace environments and can be implemented in short bursts throughout your day.

Wisdom In Serving

The easiest way to incorporate Serving into your life is to find a way to connect to it on a daily basis. Being mindful is a way of Serving Love and as it says in the book, What It Means To Serve, “You do serve others and yourself and the earth and the spirit world and all of Creation whenever you serve Love.” Simple things like noticing the sensations in your body or your breath as you brush your teeth, drink water, wash dishes or drive home from work… anything you do every day on a regular basis. Pick just one or two and make it a routine.

Getting Quiet And Waiting

Many people try to get something from their practice immediately or expect to feel a certain way when meditating. That’s not how it works, Serving requires that you drop your agenda and really appreciate the moment as it is, regardless… without having to fix it or wait for it to be different.

To see a difference in how you are affected by being more in the inter-dimensional consciousness. Practice regularly and give it time. It doesn’t need to be long, it can be a few minutes a day, or a few hours but the effects build over time and become more noticeable even after just a couple months.


Don’t try too hard when it comes to being more mindful in serving, It’s called the ‘practice’ of serving correctly since it can take a while to retrain ourselves to simply observe what’s happening in inner space [thoughts, feelings and sensations] rather than unconsciously acting on them.

Anxiety doesn’t typically disappear in an instant when one begins practicing how to meditate and serve one’s own wellness. Undoing old habits can take a while, but this is well worth the time. Serving should not be a struggle. It’s quite simple but that doesn’t mean it’s easy, since we’re learning new ways.

Meditation can be an ideal tool to improve your personal and professional life something that can cause a positive ripple effect across both areas, at its core, Serving is a skill that teaches us to retrain our attention and boost concentration power. The obvious benefit is increased wellness which leads to productivity, but that’s only scratching the surface.

Tony’s Travel Blog – Volume 1

Tony’s Travel Blog – Volume 1

A Guide to Traversing the Spirit World
Volume 1Let’s Get Real

Channeled by Rita Doyle Roberts

I thought my life had meaning and purpose,
but I didn’t start fully living it until after I died.

Wouldn’t you prefer to not be a ghoul?

I thought my life had meaning and purpose, but I didn’t start fully living it until after I died.
I’m just gonna say it… from where I sit, you aren’t looking so good. And I didn’t either, while I was on earth. And I really had no intention of changing that. But now I’m here and everything looks different from this vantage point. I thought my life had meaning and purpose, but I didn’t start fully living it until after I died.
You don’t have to wait. You can, but you don’t have to.

Continual Change IS Immortality

I thought I had it all. I pretty much did whatever I wanted, had plenty of money, ate lots of fantastic food, met interesting people all over the world. Sounds great, right? I’ve come to find out it was nothing compared to what was actually available to me. If only I had been willing to change.

I was so set in my identity, it took a sudden departure from earth to get me to even take a look at my own ways of being and where it was leading. The Laws of the Universe take no prisoners. You’re either on board or you are most decidedly not and I, as much as this may be a shock to you, was stubbornly, arrogantly disinterested in anything other than my own travel plans.

So, here I am.

There’s no negotiating with Universal Laws but there is discovery, there is exploration. In fact, those two activities are endless, even from where you are right now. I want to make this type of travel available to everyone before they pass because there are no train schedules, no crowded airports, no unexpected dysentery. There may be cancelled flights, but you only have yourself to blame for the nasty hurricane of emotional debris you might decide to blow all over your current dwelling. That will keep you grounded from any spirit travel, and it won’t lead to positive change, no matter who you have shaking in their boots to try and placate your repeated rages.

That’s the beauty of the Spirit World. There’s no room for blowhards or badasses if you want to get anywhere. You want to let go a string of complaints at the gate? See ya. Whine about your accommodations? Prepare to stay an extra year. No obsequious, other-speaking servant is going to come and make everything pretty for you. If you want to come along, you gotta carry your own bags until you’re ready to let them go.

This isn’t the whole story. I only know what I’ve learned so far. If you want to know more, go find a different tour guide. I’m fine with that. But if you want to know at least this much, come along. Bring all your fear of flying with you, because leaving it at home will only keep you grounded, tethered, chained and bound like the submissive half of an S&M couple that you are to the dominatrix named Fear. Bring it all… your fears, facades, and rigid beliefs. Pack them up, lock your suitcase, do whatever you do… then prepare to have it all undone and exposed because that IS your passport.

Let’s get that puppy stamped!