Healing Pain

Healing Pain

The Pain of Emotional Fallout from Blame and Shame

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Good News! The dynamic of the Universe is changing.

Blaming and shaming others is a form of lying. The dynamic of the Universe is changing.

Lies don’t work anymore.

In recent days I’ve seen evidence of liars being exposed. Habits of blaming others is naturally turning back on those who seek to manipulate and control. Being blamed, if we are afraid of it, activates our shame receptors and gives others an open door to weaponize it against us.

If you are someone who blames everyone but yourself, then feeds off the shame… prepare for life to get gradually harder and more painful. This includes self-blame.

But there’s a way to move through any correction for this this unloving habit — simply feel your own emotional pain rather than avoiding it by projecting it towards others and multiplying it exponentially. Nothing is more damaging to one’s own soul.

I made this Soul Circle to assist those who have been the recipient of blame and shame. It’s time to release that habit of absorbing others’ judgments and God, the Universe is eager to assist. All you have to do is want it.

The time has come to heal.

Free Guided Meditation each month

To gain immediate access to a free guided meditation for Releasing Blame and Shame sign up for our monthly newsletter either on the meditation page or below this message.

Each month I create a Soul Circle for the needs of the collective. Imagine the multiplied effects of MANY people releasing the effects of blame and shame! And of all the healing topics to come.

Blamers are in for a rude awakening. It’s time for all of us to remove ourselves from feeding into that pattern.

Let’s create a whole New Universe by eliminating blame and shame on every level!

Much love,




Back home, making the circle, it was drawn as the lower right image. That’s what started as “right side up.” As I meditated with this soul circle, I felt the urge to turn it on it’s head (upper left). That’s when it’s message became clear.

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Courage requires us to view a problem from every angle.

The way I had drawn it, it felt like that speeding snail-eye would be traveling a half-circle in an endless, hamster wheel loop. The momentum would carry it forward again and again, just to arrive back at the same place.

When I flipped it over, what had seemed like confinement, now felt more like a porous, yet protective shell, bubble, space which would roll along with the snail, providing traction. Like an nonthreatening tank, slow and steady, going where others might not be able to. Or one of those human hamster balls that allows us to walk on water.

Courage often requires us to look at situations from different angles in order to take the next step. Like the four options above, a couple of those feel precarious, unwise. Yes, the best option may be uphill but once you get to a certain elevation, the path will level out and pick up speed, (lower left).

We don’t have to tackle problems in the way they first appear, in fact, if we do that, those problems will likely persist. We can *circle* each difficulty until we see a useful perspective, the exact expansion of awareness which that problem came to show us. When we reach the top of the ridge, where the uphill problem is behind us, we get to use natural laws to move us forward from there with very little effort.

In my experience there is an added bonus:  I can feel grateful for the problem, privileged that it chose me. And, to take it a step further, I can give the problem a gift — the opportunity to fulfill its purpose, its reason for existing.

Who doesn’t want that?

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This Soul Circle may be for all of us but if you are in a place that requires courage, you might want to have this one (or one made especially for you) go to work on your specific issue. Contact me here.