Spirit Body Drawings

Spirit Body Drawings come with a reading to interpret what your guides communicate to Rita.  This service is offered on a donation basis — you decide the value of your own soul’s guides and the wisdom they can provide.
Donations help Rita to continue being the channel to Universal Energy and Divine Wisdom held by her guides and yours.
Please assist in helping more people connect with Soul Wisdom and watch the world change!

My spirit body portrait was a beautiful slap in the face.  Much of my motivation was toxic, and I had not only become used to it, but I prided myself on it.  Rita’s portrait gave me the impetus to seek alternatives and possibilities long since dismissed and neglected.  What’s a spiritual insight if it doesn’t give you a good slap?

But it gets worse!  When another family member had their portrait done Rita’s comments revealed hidden inferences, which actually turned out to be harmless and superficial.  What a relief to put such nonsense behind me and move on.  Thank you Rita for these life changing opportunities.  I think my portrait will be a yearly prescription.



You Have Questions.
Your Soul Has Answers.

Spirit Body Drawings are all about bringing the answers to you.

Questions about:

  • Love
  • Business
  • Work
  • Family
  • Anxiety
  • Health
  • Abundance or Lack
  • God or Spirit
Where is the world headed and how do I navigate it?

No question is out of bounds because the wisdom of the Universe is available for all of us.
Your Guides want nothing more than to assist you. They long to take you beyond uncertainty.
Any fears or false beliefs that hold back the true beauty of your soul can be released.

Your guides are waiting for you to make the choice to connect with them and Rita can help you make that connection.  You can become familiar with your guides and guardians, recognize their signals and voices and live with a flow of divine Wisdom to inform all your actions in life.  Your guides know your soul to give you a plan that no coach or consultant can offer so you can feel at ease and full of purpose, knowing you are ON THE RIGHT TRACK no matter what the world does.

Don’t wait until you are dead to shine.  Be bold now, here on earth.  It’s where it is needed most.  Thank you Rita!


Paul's Mum

At first I thought the drawing to be quite odd.  I had big hands and no legs!

After reflection and meditation, i learned that my desire to help others was keeping me stuck, and that I needed to engage my legs, be rooted, and walk my own desires much more!