Soulmate Location Readings

For individuals longing to begin the journey of opening, attracting and accepting the other half of their own soul. This service is an intuitive map of where to begin looking, and blocks that may need to be released. 

I am able to tap into your soulmate energy and follow it toward your soulmate. It’s not a name and address of where you will find your soulmate, the journey of discovery is for you to take. This jumpstarts a sense of knowing or curiosity within yourself while at the same time ignites the spark for your soulmate to also want to find you. 

The soulmate connection is one of the strongest forces in the universe, once you turn it on, magical events unfold to lead you where you need be or to draw your soulmate to you.

Soulmate Contract

I don’t need anything from you.
You don’t have to be anything for me.
I know who you are.
There’s no hurry.
I love you.

Packages of Soulmate Readings, Forecast Readings, Soul Circles, ongoing guidance, and custom in-person workshops and events are available.  Feel free to Contact Rita for more information.