Energy Forecasts for Individuals

For each service below, click the Book Me button for your desired reading, then select a date in WHITE along with a proposed time for your consult.

Monthly assistance for any of the above services is available.

Includes unlimited email or messaging communication.

  • Weekly 30 – 60 minute call to help you interpret the evidence you receive and guidance toward the next step. Support to help you understand and believe that your guides are in fact guiding you toward an outcome that is most beneficial to your soul or the soul of your company and/or product/brand.
  • Additional readings from your guides and mine, as they come. Answers to your questions or experiments to explore and expand your own confidence, faith, awareness.
  • An eventual goal toward allowing the guidance to come to you directly. Assistance toward getting more acquainted with your own intuition and knowing.
  • Health issues may also be touched upon in these weekly readings.
  • 3-month minimum contract required.

Contact Rita directly to inquire about monthly assistance.

I want to thank you for surprising me!! Wow I didn’t know that my readings would come back so quickly like this, and metaphorically speaking the fourth and the fifth month reading looks like completely what I dreamt some months ago!!
They almost resemble the dream so closely. It’s the same but a slightly different setting.  Wow how does it happen that you do this? I have read and reread it with much much amazement. Big thank you Rita. I am excited to see how it all begins!

Marketing Director, Kenya


All energy forecasts employ symbolic and literal guidance for you to follow. These readings allow for a greater sense of security in making decisions for your personal, family or relationship health and prosperity. Your forecast helps to keep you focused on your passions and diminish doubts as progress throughout your year develops.

Upon placing your order:

  • You will be taken to a page to schedule a 30-minute phone consultation.
  • This is an opportunity to provide some information about yourself — a brief description of your current life, what your passions are, what you feel is a sticking point at the moment, or the place you’d like to move into within yourself or your business.

Energy Forecasts are meant to guide you as a means of employing Faith and a “Third Hand” into your choices, actions, beliefs and feelings.

Who needs the cumbersome traditional “goal setting and goal tracking” models when you can create a whole new Universe?

Once you receive your forecast, your part is to dedicate yourself to convening with it on a regular basis.  You can choose to worry about progress to your goals, or you can let Love and Truth guide daily, weekly, or monthly experiments to take you to new places.  You can simply discover the evidence that unfolds each month.

Packages of Forecast Readings, Soul Circles, ongoing guidance, and custom in-person workshops and events are available.  Feel free to Contact Rita for more information.