What Humanity Refuses to Feel

The earth feels our emotions, whether we like it or not.

Right now
the earth is grieving. Can you feel it?

It’s not likely we can feel the earth if we refuse to feel our own grief. Collectively, humanity denies, numbs, medicates, blames, diverts and distracts from all the uncomfortable feelings. Mother Earth won’t hold it for us any longer.

Get ready for a global shedding of decades, maybe centuries of sorrow.

Why now? The message I am getting is that the beautiful environmental system of our planet is designed to sustain, filter, cleanse and release A LOT. However, as we continue to add to it, there comes a saturation point, just like in our own, individual bodies. But the earth is much wiser than we are, she will save herself rather than suffer and die from terminal illness. Not because she is selfish, the goal is to assist humanity in our continued residency here.

It’s not just about environmental policies and practices. What about our own personal environments? If we each were deeply, holistically purified ourselves, a polluted global environment would not be possible. Yes, grow your own food, recycle, etc. but please, the earth is begging you to stop skipping over your emotions. Feelings of rage, blame, control, revenge, greed, thievery, fear, victimhood, and grief projected outward towards others pollute EVERYTHING. Visible and invisible fields of beauty shrivel and die, drowning in unfelt emotions.

Denied feelings don’t actually get buried, they spew outward towards everyone you encounter, toward pets, kids and those you never meet. They turn the air energetically gray and seep into the soil to be absorbed back into all of us.

The earth is bursting with human, emotional waste.

We can each choose to voluntarily feel all the way through wrongs done to us, repent for wrongs we’ve done to others, forgive ourselves and everyone else, cleanse, purify. Otherwise, natural laws will gladly assist you toward feeling in a BIG way.
Disasters are great for nudging humans out of denial.

A world of feelings are on the horizon. so prepare yourself. One way or another we will all be gifted with a purification. “We can do this easy, or we can do this hard.” I choose to go ahead and feel temporary pain which leads to greater health in and around each of us.
Soul Circles and Energy Forecast Readings can assist in unlocking old, unconscious patterns that keep feelings locked up in holding patterns. Your guides are anxious to help you expand and move past these old grievances to live in your gifts rather than your hurts.

If you have questions about what is written here or how you can step forward into personal responsibility, please contact Rita. The earth will be fine but the rest of us are all counting on you.

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