Summer Solstice 2023

Watch a replay of The 2023 Summer Soulstice online class hosted by Emily Trinkaus, Astrologer, and Rita Roberts, Intuitive Artist. Click the image below to view the video and download the pdf reading to learn about the energies of the Summer Solstice Circle from Rita’s perspective. Watch and observe the unfolding and creation of this Soul Circle. (Click the image below!)

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Tony’s Travel Blog – Volume 2

A Guide to Traversing the Spirit World

TTB Volume 2  |  Channeled by Rita Doyle Roberts

Your Soul Is Your Passport | So, where you gonna go?

Whatever risks I took on earth were nothing 
compared to what it takes to travel in the spirit world.

On earth. I looked like an intrepid traveler but truthfully, I always had people with me. Wherever I went, there was going to be someone there to show me around and keep me safe. My life looked adventurous. I was admired for my worldliness, and boy was I worldly! Whatever risks I took on earth were nothing compared to what it takes to travel in the spirit world.

Your soul is your passport.

I ended Volume 1 of this travel blog with, “Let’s get that puppy stamped!” and have since learned that the stamp occasionally comes down like a sledgehammer. Other times, it’s more like a wrecking ball. Oddly enough, I prefer the latter. I’d rather just get completely wrecked and reassemble myself into something more structurally sound than go easy and just endure a bruise, or a broken bone. The latter just brings about a cast that doesn’t ever heal what’s inside but acts as a permanent splint to hold my false beliefs in place because that’s what I want. The cast constantly shows me what I actually want and…
You always get what you want over here.

I would have loved that while I was on earth and did everything I could to make it so. But here you do get exactly what you REALLY want, whether you’re conscious of your desires or not. Holding onto false beliefs won’t get your passport stamped because maintaining those beliefs keeps you stagnant. In other words… you ain’t going anywhere.

Being restrained, confined, splinted is exactly what I need to make me agree to relinquishing some of my arrogance— and I have plenty! But here in the Spirit World, I am a novice traveler. I know nothing. Whatever I did to explore far reaches of your big, blue globe only backfires here. It sits me down, closes the cafe and drains my motorcycle of fuel… until I’m ready to learn a new way. Until I am ready to shut up and be led. I can’t guide others until I am humble enough to learn. And as I have recently found out, to look in places we are convinced we’re not supposed to. Did someone say, “break the rules”? Count me in! Now I go where it looks the least inviting. That’s where the real pleasures are and I’m all about pleasure, no matter the cost. New and nearly unexplored cultures, wide open spaces can be found. That’s where I can eventually CREATE my own universe to be explored by others.

God knows exactly how to entice me.

My greatest gift that I somehow managed to keep through all my years of self-destruction on earth is that I can’t remain stagnant. Creating my own universe, speaking things into existence, now that is a distant land where I want to reside. You can keep your fears, coping mechanisms, safety precautions, your addictions, your need to be right and all the things that keep you feeling relevant. I’m no longer interested in those chains. I have a universe to create where everyone is welcome.

You can join me anytime. No you don’t have to die, I won’t discriminate against physical bodies. A humble, willing soul is your passport for entry.



Back home, making the circle, it was drawn as the lower right image. That’s what started as “right side up.” As I meditated with this soul circle, I felt the urge to turn it on it’s head (upper left). That’s when it’s message became clear.

You can order your Courage print here and display it
any way you want!

Courage requires us to view a problem from every angle.

The way I had drawn it, it felt like that speeding snail-eye would be traveling a half-circle in an endless, hamster wheel loop. The momentum would carry it forward again and again, just to arrive back at the same place.

When I flipped it over, what had seemed like confinement, now felt more like a porous, yet protective shell, bubble, space which would roll along with the snail, providing traction. Like an nonthreatening tank, slow and steady, going where others might not be able to. Or one of those human hamster balls that allows us to walk on water.

Courage often requires us to look at situations from different angles in order to take the next step. Like the four options above, a couple of those feel precarious, unwise. Yes, the best option may be uphill but once you get to a certain elevation, the path will level out and pick up speed, (lower left).

We don’t have to tackle problems in the way they first appear, in fact, if we do that, those problems will likely persist. We can *circle* each difficulty until we see a useful perspective, the exact expansion of awareness which that problem came to show us. When we reach the top of the ridge, where the uphill problem is behind us, we get to use natural laws to move us forward from there with very little effort.

In my experience there is an added bonus:  I can feel grateful for the problem, privileged that it chose me. And, to take it a step further, I can give the problem a gift — the opportunity to fulfill its purpose, its reason for existing.

Who doesn’t want that?

Scott is an expert at saying just the right combination of words to turn a problem on its head.
Contact him here.

This Soul Circle may be for all of us but if you are in a place that requires courage, you might want to have this one (or one made especially for you) go to work on your specific issue. Contact me here.

Cymatics:  What’s that have to do with Soul Circles?

Cymatics: What’s that have to do with Soul Circles?

Falling Apart and Cymatic Patterning

Last week, musician and sound healer, Leigh Ann Phillips wrote to me about my Soul Circles.

“… the website looks beautiful. I love how you are basically doing cymatic patterning.”

Boy, did that open a door. Thank you Leigh Ann!

If you ever have the opportunity to receive a sound healing with Leigh Ann and her crystal bowls, do it! It is a wondrously transforming experience.

Learning more about cymatic patterning has led me to feel physically and emotionally different than I did last week. Simply being more aware of natural patterns, which are created by frequencies, vibrations, other things unseen. This article isn’t any kind of scientific explanation of anything, I just launch into experimenting and see what happens.

I’ve been meditating on possibilities and questions such as:
“What sort of pattern does the feeling of love cause my cells to settle into?”

I meditate on filling myself and everything around me with Love, which always travels with it’s devoted sidekicks, Gratitude and Appreciation.

“What if we just let ourselves fall apart instead of years, decades, or a lifetime resisting that very thing, pretending to be strong with all the ways it shows up, useful or destructive? Wouldn’t the chaos in our bodies and souls naturally reorganize into pleasing, healthy patterns once we release all the fears behind our resistance to just being vulnerable?”

I already know the answer is yes, only because I have fallen apart.

Several times.

The new information is the visual science behind cymatics. For me, it’s a new level of understanding rather than simply knowing through experience.

What we don’t realize is that if we just give ourselves permission to fall apart — or even if I can be a space for someone else to fall apart and it doesn’t freak me out — the actual chaos can be very short-lived because automatically, the laws of the universe will start jiggling us back to a state of health and calm.

By ‘chaos’ I mean:
– grief
–  tears
– confusion
– upset
– anger
body tremors, etc.

As your whole being releases whatever it is you are most afraid to let come to the surface. Once it’s acknowledged, accepted, and LOVED it can start reorganizing into something more structurally sound.

( Caveat: this process has to be engaged with a sincere desire to feel and be responsible for your own feelings, not a new drama for gaining sympathy or to get rescued. )

The Love part is the key ingredient. Love the feelings for what they show you. Love the relief that comes from releasing all of it. Love that you were brave enough to look at it. Or Love it all for the person who is falling apart in front of you. Then Love whatever feelings come up in yourself in response to their dismantling. Maybe fall apart right alongside them if needed. Allow God’s Love to enter both of you if you feel that connection.

If you truly surrender to this process, it will settle out and you will be functioning again before you know it. Down the road, a new level of falling apart will likely be needed. It will happen in manageable intervals, and you will change each time. Each time will feel easier and more familiar. Believe it or not, it will eventually feel welcomed because you’ll know you need to just fall apart for a while and allow your nervous system and cells to recalibrate.

You and the thoughts that got you to any breaking point just have to get out of the way so God or natural forces can take care of it. If you don’t feel God as a reality, just let the natural functioning of the Universe take over.

Go ahead, fall apart.

You can certainly do it on you own but if you’d like a loving space to try it out, contact me to have your own Soul Circle assist you through any breakdown, big or small.

Love and blessings,

Earth Grieves

What Humanity Refuses to Feel

The earth feels our emotions, whether we like it or not.

Right now
the earth is grieving. Can you feel it?

It’s not likely we can feel the earth if we refuse to feel our own grief. Collectively, humanity denies, numbs, medicates, blames, diverts and distracts from all the uncomfortable feelings. Mother Earth won’t hold it for us any longer.

Get ready for a global shedding of decades, maybe centuries of sorrow.

Why now? The message I am getting is that the beautiful environmental system of our planet is designed to sustain, filter, cleanse and release A LOT. However, as we continue to add to it, there comes a saturation point, just like in our own, individual bodies. But the earth is much wiser than we are, she will save herself rather than suffer and die from terminal illness. Not because she is selfish, the goal is to assist humanity in our continued residency here.

It’s not just about environmental policies and practices. What about our own personal environments? If we each were deeply, holistically purified ourselves, a polluted global environment would not be possible. Yes, grow your own food, recycle, etc. but please, the earth is begging you to stop skipping over your emotions. Feelings of rage, blame, control, revenge, greed, thievery, fear, victimhood, and grief projected outward towards others pollute EVERYTHING. Visible and invisible fields of beauty shrivel and die, drowning in unfelt emotions.

Denied feelings don’t actually get buried, they spew outward towards everyone you encounter, toward pets, kids and those you never meet. They turn the air energetically gray and seep into the soil to be absorbed back into all of us.

The earth is bursting with human, emotional waste.

We can each choose to voluntarily feel all the way through wrongs done to us, repent for wrongs we’ve done to others, forgive ourselves and everyone else, cleanse, purify. Otherwise, natural laws will gladly assist you toward feeling in a BIG way.
Disasters are great for nudging humans out of denial.

A world of feelings are on the horizon. so prepare yourself. One way or another we will all be gifted with a purification. “We can do this easy, or we can do this hard.” I choose to go ahead and feel temporary pain which leads to greater health in and around each of us.
Soul Circles and Energy Forecast Readings can assist in unlocking old, unconscious patterns that keep feelings locked up in holding patterns. Your guides are anxious to help you expand and move past these old grievances to live in your gifts rather than your hurts.

If you have questions about what is written here or how you can step forward into personal responsibility, please contact Rita. The earth will be fine but the rest of us are all counting on you.

If your group or organization would like to book a workshop or event with Rita on this topic, contact Rita here.


Mindful Meditation And Serving Love

Mindful Meditation And Serving Love

Guest Blogger Paul Masidza, Marketing Director, Kenya

We hear the words mindfulness and meditation just about everywhere these days. But what does it really mean to be mindful, and how can you practice mindfulness/meditation to boost your personal and professional life?

Being more mindful has many perks. practical mindfulness is just as useful as one-on-one cognitive behavioral therapy for stress-related conditions such as anxiety. Mindfulness can relieve our perception of aches and pains, keep us more focused at work, and help us become more resilient. It’s also an ideal way to get a grip on emotions, which can affect our attention, memory and motivation.

You almost need a black belt in emotional management in today’s volatile, uncertain and ever-changing corporate landscape.

Mindfulness Meditation gives us a space between our emotions and our fight-flight-freeze reactions, however brief, and increases our ability to respond more skillfully. This can lead to a reduction in conflicts and an ability to utilize empathy to drive stronger relationships.

Being able to observe how your mind is spinning instead of quickly reacting in an upset way can certainly help us evolve. Mindfulness Meditation works wonders, but how exactly does one do it? Here are a few tips to help you tune into your inner Zen.

Soul Wisdom ‘SOUL CIRCLES’

Know what Serving is, and isn’t. There are many ways of serving correctly and the two core aspects are being an observer and being nonjudgmental about what you observe. Can you hear your breath or notice bodily sensations without trying to change them? This act of being an unbiased observer is what gives us the capacity to see things more clearly. Simply observing and acknowledging our feelings, thoughts or sensations without continuing to focus on them is important. Often we convince ourselves that we need to do something about what we’re thinking or feeling and we put our attention on them. This is where we get into trouble. We make up stories and ‘spin’ about them.

One of the most beautiful (and frustrating) things about getting quiet and waiting are the many paradoxes.

For example, you might not feel like you have the time to meditate, yet meditation makes you more productive. The more time we spend on the prolonged quiet and extended meditation being in the spirit realms, the more space we might create in our day to get things done. And what about the fact that Serving isn’t about a goal at all but it still helps you achieve more of your goals or change them altogether? It’s an invitation to let go of any goals and lean into our moment-to-moment experiences.Over time, our busy minds begin to settle, enabling us to be more present and see more clearly. So ultimately, we’re more likely to achieve more of our goals.

Experimentation Courage

It is important to “just start” when you want to begin serving correctly. You could begin by working with a simple one- to two-minute of service practice every day and go from there practicing mindful/meditation can be done anywhere, anytime. The beauty of serving correctly is we can practice it in multiple ways such as sitting, standing, lying down, walking or eating, to name a few. It’s also highly adaptable to workplace environments and can be implemented in short bursts throughout your day.

Wisdom In Serving

The easiest way to incorporate Serving into your life is to find a way to connect to it on a daily basis. Being mindful is a way of Serving Love and as it says in the book, What It Means To Serve, “You do serve others and yourself and the earth and the spirit world and all of Creation whenever you serve Love.” Simple things like noticing the sensations in your body or your breath as you brush your teeth, drink water, wash dishes or drive home from work… anything you do every day on a regular basis. Pick just one or two and make it a routine.

Getting Quiet And Waiting

Many people try to get something from their practice immediately or expect to feel a certain way when meditating. That’s not how it works, Serving requires that you drop your agenda and really appreciate the moment as it is, regardless… without having to fix it or wait for it to be different.

To see a difference in how you are affected by being more in the inter-dimensional consciousness. Practice regularly and give it time. It doesn’t need to be long, it can be a few minutes a day, or a few hours but the effects build over time and become more noticeable even after just a couple months.


Don’t try too hard when it comes to being more mindful in serving, It’s called the ‘practice’ of serving correctly since it can take a while to retrain ourselves to simply observe what’s happening in inner space [thoughts, feelings and sensations] rather than unconsciously acting on them.

Anxiety doesn’t typically disappear in an instant when one begins practicing how to meditate and serve one’s own wellness. Undoing old habits can take a while, but this is well worth the time. Serving should not be a struggle. It’s quite simple but that doesn’t mean it’s easy, since we’re learning new ways.

Meditation can be an ideal tool to improve your personal and professional life something that can cause a positive ripple effect across both areas, at its core, Serving is a skill that teaches us to retrain our attention and boost concentration power. The obvious benefit is increased wellness which leads to productivity, but that’s only scratching the surface.