New!  Spirit Body Drawings

Don’t wait until you are dead to shine. Be bold now, here on earth. It’s where it is needed most. Thank you Rita!
Paul's Mum

There was a time in my life that reality felt tangible, certain, not up for debate. That feeling has been chipped away for some time. For the last two decades we’ve been swimming in an ocean of stress — 9-11, fear of terrorists, expanded wars, financial hardship, increased debt, hopelessness, blame, judgment, lack, rage, hatred — it permeates everything including our very cells. Reality has been stolen, dismantled and reassembled into a doctrine of fear. This world is a place where I cannot live.

So I asked for an alternative and it came through art.

Having some canary-like sensitivities, I may have felt reality vanishing earlier than most. Many years back it seemed there was nowhere to go but towards a deeper, inward search. What emerged from this alternative exploration were drawings that arrive from an unseen place, an unknown realm, unfolding in layers. I call them Soul Circles, each one fully knowing its own truth and the truth of the person they are made for.

In the beginning, Soul Circles looked a lot like eyes. Each morning I would draw, then tack them up, one by one, on my studio wall until it was full. They gave me had company in my solitary workspace.

Twenty eyes watching me, witnessing, completely without judgement.

And then, they started talking to me.

They weren’t just seeing, they were wise. Portals to a more loving reality. A reality that cannot be stolen, ever, by anyone. They offer grace, peace, sanctuary.

Their common message is:

I see you.

I know who you are.

There’s no hurry.

I love you.

Each drawing begins without a plan after a brief conversation with the client, who describes the issue they feel is most important. Sometimes the circle will diverge completely from the topic chosen by the client… okay, truthfully, it nearly always does. Soul Circles are efficient. They know exactly what needs to be highlighted to launch a person toward the greatest change.

And then there is the written message. Nearly everyone responds emotionally when they first set eyes on their Soul Circle. The written messages support and help to decipher those initial feelings. They bring old memories up to the surface or resolve a decision that had been lingering. One person said that as he first looked at his circle, “It felt like a punch in the gut, but in a good way.” I know exactly what he means. When a welcomed truth lands, it sometimes lands hard but its healing power registers immediately.

As one client puts it, “This is some serious woo-woo.”

Soul Circles have fundamentally changed me. I have also seen many people’s lives change with the help of these visual guides. Lifelong addictions dissolve, soulmates appear, nervous systems settle, and long-resisted forgiveness has taken hold to cleanse body and spirit, all by being willing to sit with one’s Soul Circle, just listen and feel. Knowing that in the midst of global and personal hardship, we can be seen without judgment is a monumental gift. I happily leap through these circular portals to learn truths not on offer in this physical world.

And yet, as the channel for these drawings I have witnessed a sad, recurring pattern with those who recoil at the thought of seeing their own soul portrait. Many say, “I don’t think I want to know what my soul looks like!” or the ignore me completely. They’re afraid to know the truth because of guilt from past actions or from shame put upon them by others. I have seen agitated markings, disjointed patterns in individual Soul Circles indicating an area that a person needs to work on but never have I seen ugliness. All have beauty in one form or another. Dark, nasty or shameful has not been a part of any Soul Circle I have created.

Soul Circles can be a kind of gentle life review before we are anywhere near passing to the other side. A chance to clean up what has become messy, be more healthy and kind, accept the full Truth of who we are so we can grow closer to who we were made to be. Soul Circles help create an honest, humble, secure reality we can all live in and I am so grateful to have my place in it.

Soul Circles

Your Circle is a One-of-a-Kind, curated meditation tool and art piece, created in collaboration with you.

Upon placing your order:

  • You will be taken to a page to schedule a 30-minute phone consultation.
  • After scheduling, you’ll be taken to a pre-consult questionnaire.
  • This is an opportunity to provide some written information about yourself — a brief description of your current life, what your passions are, what you feel is a sticking point at the moment, or the place you’d like to move into within yourself.

The goal of the Soul Circle is to guide you, your choices, actions, beliefs and feelings about yourself to being more truthful. In other words, to integrate the you which operates in the world with your soul and all the gifts which are unique to you but might be buried beneath a thin layer or a giant mountain of faulty information.

If it’s an outer goal you’re working toward, the Circle still tend to address the inner condition. We have to become the person who would have that external thing or situation — job, money, health, achievement, etc.

Once you receive your circle, your part is to dedicate yourself to meditating with it.

Use your Soul Circle to start your meditations or for the entire session, whichever feels right to you. I recommend at least 20 minutes twice a day, but one hour sessions are better, even longer still if you feel called to stay in that state.

Focus on the Circle, allow any thoughts or feelings to come up, just note what they are, you’ll feel it if it’s significant and coming from a greater knowing. Keep your eyes open for as long as you wish. If your mind wanders while your eyes are closed, use a mental image of your Circle to bring the mind back to a quiet state.

Even while you’re not meditating, know that the Circle carries energy with it — you don’t have to attend to every detail, let the Circle do some of the work for you. Choose ease.